Unlock Your Full Potential with "Your Breakthrough"

7 Principles to Become the Person You Were Meant to Be

Elevate your journey of personal and professional growth with the catalytic power of “Your Breakthrough” – a guide expertly crafted to transform your dreams into reality. Navigate through a path illuminated by seven pivotal principles and awaken the profound potential residing within you.

My Vision

To become a light in the field of personal and professional development, inspiring a community to achieve their fullest potential.  I see a world where growth and continuous learning are embraced by everyone, leading to more fulfilled lives and thriving careers.

My Mission

To empower individuals and professionals through transformative coaching, inspirational speeches, and insightful learning and development courses. Dedicated to unlocking potential, fostering growth, and facilitating sustainable personal and professional development

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About the Book

The Pathway to Your Personal & Professional Pinnacle

"Your Breakthrough" is not merely a book; it's an intimate mentor guiding you through a transformative journey where your dreams and aspirations are not horizons but tangible realities. Each chapter delicately unfolds one of the seven critical principles - from Increasing Self-Awareness to Harbouring a Positive Attitude - immersing you in a cascade of inspiring stories and pragmatic advice.

Personal Growth
Self Awareness
Leadership Skills

What Awaits Inside

Embark on a Journey Woven with Wisdom and Actionable Insights

Within the pages of “Your Breakthrough”, discover a meticulously curated blend of inspiring narratives and practical guidance that catalyzes your journey towards unbridled success and fulfillment. Navigate through each chapter as they offer not just knowledge, but actionable tools, ensuring every principle transforms from words to palpable action in your life.

Who is it For?

Your Breakthrough Awaits, Regardless of Where You Stand

Whether you’re embarking on your journey towards success or seeking that extra surge to elevate your existing path, “Your Breakthrough” is your companion, offering invaluable insights that resonate and uplift. Every page holds something for you, ready to catalyze your career, personal life, and the inherent journey towards becoming your best self.

From the Author

A Note from Bradwin Jordan

Embarking on the journey to write “Your Breakthrough” was akin to reliving the transformative moments that the seven principles brought into my life. It’s a condensed treasure of lessons, wisdom, and actionable steps, curated not just to be read, but to be lived. I invite you to dive in, explore, and let each principle gently guide your steps towards the breakthrough you’ve always envisioned.

How to Purchase

Begin Your Journey with "Your Breakthrough"

Your path towards a breakthrough is just a click away. Dive into a journey where every page is a step towards your dreams and every chapter, a milestone towards your true self. Secure your copy now and let’s embark on this transformative voyage together.